Our People

Peter Jackson

Director | Commercial

With over 20 years’ experience delivering large-scale conferences, awards and incentives under his belt, PJ has produced some seriously great events. He’s our Awards Guru, producing impactful on-screen shows and killer walk-on playlists.

PJ works with our production team to ensure our state of the art AV solutions are original and engaging. Committed to making Clive a great place to work, he’s the driving force behind our ISO9001 accreditation and Investors in People standard.

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Elissa Capizzi-Taylor

Global Account Director

Elissa has over 14 years’ experience working in the events industry, coming to Clive straight from leading Global events strategy for a rather large legal firm. She also headed up a creative technology and innovation firm as Commercial Director and even lived in New York for a few years working at an events agency. These insights have given her a great understanding of operating in the live events and US markets – meaning that she’s perfect for managing our global accounts and her team that stretches across London, Dublin and New York.

Hailing from Southwest London, she began her career at a creative events agency and now uses her skills to ensure that every experience that she oversees as Global Account Director stands out from the crowd. Her only weakness? Spin classes. She loves them. To a slightly unhealthy level apparently. Maybe she’s doing it wrong? We’re not too sure.

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Robyn Church

Head of Client Services | Dublin

With 8+ years experience in the Irish business tourism sector, Robyn has earned an impressive network and skillset that allows her to oversee all business operating out of our Dublin office. Having worked closely with a variety of companies selling Dublin as a key business tourism and events destination - from the likes of Google to Ernst & Young - her clients are amongst some of the world’s most innovative and progressive brands around.

Having collaborated with industry stakeholders such as the Dublin Convention Bureau, IHF and Dublin Hotels & Venues, her passion for the industry is second to none. She even has an Honours Degree in Tourism Management, with her dissertation focussing on “Dublin’s Competitiveness as a Conferencing Destination”. She’s a Dublin events powerhouse, pure and simple!

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Kate James

Operations Director

Wouldn’t you know it, we’ve gone Kate mad. Look at them all! Kate J has been in the events industry for 9 years. She's managed events in the Pharma industry and has delivered events worldwide. She now heads up the Angels team, ensuring clients like BT, BP and Sony PlayStation’s brand messages are effectively communicated through the perfect event. She thrives on the success of her team’s events - and with their meticulous planning, it’s a good job too!

Her passions include boxing (for fitness, she’s a softy really!), quirky pubs with friends, and travel. From beaches in Hawaii to glaciers in Patagonia, she’s been all over the place. She even lived in Washington DC for a few years before making her triumphant return.

Joe Chilvers

Head of Production

Joe is a man in demand. No really. Working across both the Clive and FIRST brands sure keeps him on his toes. Luckily he says one of his favourite past times is… problem solving! And with 20 years of experience in producing events, he has everything he needs to do so. In that time, he’s done it all. From amateur theatre to global conferences with ten of thousands of attendees, his passion for production has seen him provide solutions for structures and activations around the globe. If he wasn’t in production, he thinks he’d probably like to be an architect. Makes sense!

Despite having worked on some seriously impressive projects, he says that his biggest accomplishment is actually his two beautiful children. Aw isn’t that sweet. It’s a thankless job, but someone’s got to do it. (Fatherhood. Not heading up production.)

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Kate Curry

Associate Creative Director

As the lead creative at Clive, Kate focuses on the thematic and conceptualisation of projects, bringing the business objectives and content narrative of brands to life within the full environment, at every touch point.

With knowledge and experience within spatial design, artistic direction, staging and performance, creative strategy and content narrative, Kate applies a fully integrated 360º approach to any project from initial concept, design development and all the way through to full delivery.

Robert Kennedy

Account Director

After a great career in travel with companies like American Express and Club Med, Robb moved into events and now has over 12 years in the industry. His vast wealth of experience and skills have taken him across Africa; film shoots in Gahan, CSR development in Lesotho and football training camps in Zambia to name just a few. He’s worked with clients such as Irish Life, Samsung, SA Fashion Week, Facebook, BBC and Chevrolet on everything from international conferences, road shows, awards dinners, fashion shows, product launches, social responsibility projects, exhibitions, track days, incentive trips, shopping centre activations, family days, weddings and festivals… you name the event, he’s done it!

With what little free time he has, the self-confessed “gadget and comic book geek” is always seeking out innovative new technologies and future trends for his events. Let’s hear it for Robb!

Charlie Stevens

Account Director

Since joining Clive in 2013, Charlie has designed conferences, roadshows, luxury incentives and pop-up brand experiences for an impressive list of clients. As a result, she's risen through the Clive ranks, working tirelessly on most projects coming through the business over the years, earning her the position of Head of event-venues.com.

As well as being organiser of all things social, Charlie brings unbeatable venue knowledge, never-ending energy and an unmistakable laugh - just some of things that make her a real asset to our Client Services and wider Clive team.

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Meredith Bloom

Account Director

Meredith is an old friend of Clive. Made in Macclesfield in Cheshire, she has lived in London for the last 12 years. She confesses it’s her favourite city (sorry Macclesfield!) as she adores the architecture, galleries and museums, not to mention the many restaurants the capital has to offer. Having studied set design at university, she now heads up the Concept Development Team as Account Director ensuring our pitches and event concepts truly captivate our clients' audiences. Her favourite events to provide solutions for are brand activations or anything experiential, as she can really let her creativity run riot.

She is also a teeny-tiny person with an even smaller dog named Pablo. He is adorable. You can often spot him whizzing around Clive HQ.

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Lauren Haynes

Junior Account Director

Lauren studied Criminology at university as she wanted to be a real life Cracker. Not what it was cracked up to be, she then went on to work for an event company specialising in F1 events such as Monaco and Silverstone, before moving into an agency. There she worked on exhibitions, track days, launches and VIP events around the globe for the likes of VW, Bentley and BMW.

So she’s of course into anything with cars and crime in it - but she’s also a proud Brummy and a lifelong Birmingham City season ticket holder. She likes a daily dose of avocado alongside coffee and Crossfit because “why look like a super model when you can lift one”.

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Olly Adams

Insights & Strategy

Our Olly is a true hybrid. He's an eccentric creative nestled in a suit's body. With 10+ years in brand experience/experiential/creative industries, his specialties span concept development, ideation, strategy, and writing. He's worked with clients like: PlayStation, Tinder, BT, Reebok, Ted Baker and Virgin Galactic, but his proudest achievement is launching Aperol Spritz into the UK market.

In other news, he named one of his boys after a Jedi master and the other after a singer from a ska band. Perhaps his finest hour. He also loves his music. He's written for DJ Mag and is the proud owner of the entire Fabric Records CD collection... He even has a brown paper bag signed by Roni Size! Aside from raving, he enjoys wrestling with his two boys. Fun fact: He used to be a beach-guard. And had to be rescued once by the coast guard. While on duty. Lolz.

Christian Apthorpe

Manager | Marketing & Creative

Corporate, safe, responsible – all words that have never been used to describe Christian. Having spent years in the travel and events industries yearning to fully unleash his creativity, this stifled maverick has now found his true calling. While his vibrant ramblings need reining in from time to time, his passion for immersive experiences and the alternative has earned him the position as the voice of Clive.

You can usually find the man behind the comms in his natural habitat; in the great outdoors with a refreshing gin-based beverage not too far from his reach.

Ziana Juma

Senior Event Producer

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Jack Lee

Senior Account Manager

Initially an aspiring architect (thanks to being obsessed with The Sims) Jack went on to study Events Management at the University of Huddersfield. An Undergrad and a Masters Degree later, he's worked in a number of agencies across multiple accounts and disciplines including PlayStation, L'Orèal and PartyCasino with experience in Product Launches, Conferences, Incentives and Training Events to name a few.

A lover of music, he's always on the hunt for a good gig or festival and is always getting caught toe tapping or head bopping to a playlist on the morning commute. Open to a guilty pleasure or two you can also find him watching a good romcom - although he'll always tell you his favourite film is Law Abiding Citizen, we all know it's Love Actually. Actually.

Nathalie Nolan

Senior Account Manager

Having produced live events for industries including telecommunications, property, pharmaceutical, financial services and media clients, Nathalie joined Clive after a well-earned break travelling across South America, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

As well as bringing an infectious boost of enthusiasm to the team, Nathalie has a great grasp of logistics. She’s executed an array of projects from international conferences, roadshows, multifaceted team building activities, themed experiences, celebrations and even spent time running an entertainment agency! Did we mention she's also launched ships in South Korea?! She's the Clive that launched a thousand ships (almost).

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Jessica Eades

Senior Account Manager

Jess Eades, affectionately known as Jeades, has over 7 years of experience planning and delivering events for corporate clients from worldwide incentives and money can’t buy experiences, to conferences and festivals. She loves travelling and using that knowledge to create unique incentives for clients. She is also very calm under pressure. A little too calm, she may well be an international super spy in deep cover. Could she be any more perfect for Clive?

If that wasn’t already impressive enough, she loves clothes so much that she hasn’t actually worn the same outfit since she joined the team. Ok, she’s definitely a super spy... When she’s not embroiled in international espionage, she also enjoys going to the cinema most weeks.

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Carly Bristow

Senior Account Manager & Venue Expert

Carly or Carlito as no-one calls her (foolish oversight!) studied events management at Bournemouth University. She then went on to work for a restaurant group before settling into an events agency where she worked with an array of corporate clients in the financial, law, retail and fashion industries. Now she has found her home with us as a venue specialist, scouting out the hottest new venues and working predominantly on event-venues.com.

And for good reason too, she’s always out and about exploring London’s coolest new spots – she’s obsessed! The self-professed chocoholic and gin enthusiast, yes enthusiast not alcoholic, is also super organised, not to mention cool, calm and collected when under pressure. Everybody be more like Carly! Oh, and she loves a good festival; Glastonbury is her favourite.

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Elaine Moran

Senior Account Manager

Born and bred in Cork, Elaine has spent 8 years in the events industry working on high-end Hotel, Music and Tech events across the world. With a degree in Fine Art, she’s a true creative too with some serious attention to detail and even better client relationships. She’s part of our fabulous bunch of Irish superstars on the ground in Dublin, ensuring our clients dreams are made a reality.

She loves all things culture; festivals, gigs, theatre, art exhibitions – the more immersive, the better. And get this… She once steamed one of Elton John’s famous bejewelled jackets before he went on stage (and also rubbed shoulders backstage with Westlife and Bruce Springsteen). As you do.

Jill Douglas

Senior Account Manager

Jill loves being part of the Clive team in Dublin. With over 8 years’ experience in the events industry, she’s produced live events, incentives, themed celebrations & experiences all over the world – but Dublin is her favourite place around. As Senior Account Manager, she ensures our clients’ projects are delivered to the highest standard possible… and with her combined local knowledge and global experience; she is a force to be reckoned with, wherever the event.

Jill spends most of her time searching for inspiration, staying on top of what’s hot so that she can incorporate new trends into her live events. She’s extremely passionate about her projects and is even known to have had many a dream about her creative ideas! This is one passionate eventprof.

Shonagh Sweeney

Senior Account Manager

Ooh, she makes our motor run, our motor run. One for The Knack fans… Shonagh is another of our specialist Clives working in-house at our clients’ offices (a bit like a highly skilled secret agent). In her role, she takes care of the event logistics for some of our biggest accounts and is key to a seamless event delivery, having developed an intimate understanding of our clients brand and objectives.

When she’s not wearing the two hats between companies, she enjoys spending time with her two little Westies and boyfriend. They make a ferocious pack! Like all of us here, she absolutely loves travelling (which you kind of have to putting on memorable brand experiences across the globe) and now has quite the collection of souvenir fridge magnets. Her hobbies include cycling, cooking and catching up with friends at the latest new dining spot. M-m-m-my Sh(ar)onagh! Ok we’ll stop now.

Anandy Sureswaran

Finance Manager

With over 15 years under her belt, Anandy is one of the longest-standing members of the Clive team, leading the finance division with unflappable efficiency and professionalism for the last decade. Processing payments for hundreds of global events and maintaining excellent relationships with suppliers and clients makes her job one of the biggest of all.

Anandy’s problem solving skills and hardworking nature make her a joy to work with and an invaluable asset to the team. She's also one of the happiest humans that we've ever encountered, bringing an infectious cheer to whoever she passes. She might even be a little bit magic. We can't be sure.

Ellie Ashton-Melia

Event Producer

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Francesca Ciafre


Francesca can turn her hand to anything. Which is always handy as a designer. She has a Master’s Degree in Architecture, where she then worked as an Architect for a few years before she started working as a graphic designer! As you do. Since she was a child, she’s had a thing for illustration and calligraphy so she’s finally pursuing her passions. The last few years have seen her working in Italy for events, festivals and fashion brands.

In her spare time she enjoys art and movies, particularly scifi – so much so, that apparently she wishes she was a robot! We’re not so sure she’ll be able to indulge that passion… Though she does say she likes big life changes.

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Layla Holland

Experience Designer

Layla is another member of our all-star Creative Team line up. She’s a 3D Creative Designer with a First Class Honours and a passion for all areas of design. Focused on creating immersive and memorable brand experiences through narrative design and strategic approaches, she thrives off understanding what lies at the heart of a brand and bringing it to life. Sound familiar? She’s another perfect match for Clive! She’s worked with everyone from Mastercard to the GREAT Britain campaign - so as well as being brand obsessed, she’s even produced creative for royalty.

In her spare time you’ll either find her by the river staying true to her coastal hometown roots, or obsessing over the latest slightly odd, slightly creepy creative happening.

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Rebecca Hubbard

Senior Project Coordinator

Our latest rising star to join the team is Rebecca. She was previously with us as an intern on her placement year while studying Event Management at the University of Greenwich. Now she’s back and better than ever as Account Executive for The Disruptors team working on all things Facebook and Linkedin. In her spare time, she likes to move it, move it. She not only competes, teaches and choreographs Ballroom dancing, but Latin too! She has even competed at the British Formation Championships in the Blackpool Winter Gardens and performed at the Royal Albert Hall. How about that then.

Looking to further develop her already extensive knowledge and skillset, she’s conscientious and organised – the embodiment of our Constantly Inquisitive and Operationally Excellent brand values! This one is going places.

Sophie Renaghan

Account Manager

Sophie started out working as a Theatrical Agent for actors before going on to work for a venue finding and events management company. It was working with their most quirky and unique venues, similar to those of event-venues.com, that drew her to Clive after she was posted in-house on the events team at a Financial Services company. It was the perfect match for her!

Now she has ascended to join the Angels team where she helps to make our client’s brand visions a reality. Outside of work she loves holidays, travelling, finding new bars and drinking prosecco. It’s almost like she’s channelling pure Clive energy!

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Fi Schmauke

People & Culture Manager

Meet Fi. A singer-song writer turned recruiter, today she’s our very own HR and office guru, providing support in multiple areas as the ‘go to’ person behind the scenes. Keeping the Studio Clive running like clockwork, no task is ever too large, and no problem unsolvable.

When she’s not working, you’ll find her looking after her daughter and baking up a storm, often ready for a Monday morning treat for the Clive team.

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Tori Higgins

Project Coordinator

By day, Tori is a UAL advertising graduate with a flair for creative experiential brand events. By night, she’s mother to a manipulative miniature Dachshund and a sarcastic Weimaraner. Despite her background in art and design, she discovered a newfound love for strategic planning when working with political marketing campaigns for her 47-page dissertation. A thrilling read no doubt.

This aspiring feminist icon has a dry sense of humour and prides herself on championing inclusivity in all areas of her life – even flying the flag when managing her events. This sassy young lady grew up in the USA before finally finding her home amongst the queens of Shoreditch, where she sits on the throne as our queen baker. Everyone needs a Tori around when it’s Great British Bake-Off season!