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Clive and Facebook got together once again, this time for the Data Summit in Dublin. The aim was to create an environment to network with key industry figures in the ever-growing Irish tech-hub. To give Facebook the presence they deserved, we came up with something special.

The event, which takes place at The Convention Centre Dublin, provides a unique opportunity for data security professionals from around the world to hear leading international, European and Irish speakers debate the social, technical, ethical and cultural issues that arise in our world of total connectivity.

The discussions usually focus around the future of privacy and also how it is best managed by the delegates as individuals. This year saw one of the “fathers of the internet” Vint Cerf, Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist of Google speaking.

To bring this to life we created an intimate 9x9m stand out of stripped reclaimed wood, which included a coffee bar and comfortable seating. Representing privacy and sustainability, this soothing wooden enclosure also included an Oculus VR demo area and touch-screens to showcase key content behind Facebook’s data security approach. There was also a plethora of reaction badges, branded goodies, napkins and coffee cups in-keeping with all things Facebook.

The stand itself was a thing of beauty (if we do say so ourselves) and so delegates were suitably drawn in by the blue and white mood lighting accentuating the area in Facebook’s famous hues. Comfortably seated with unlimited coffee supplies, they were in the perfect mood for Facebook to do its thing. If a sit down and coffee wasn’t their cup of… tea(?), then maybe playing around in a virtual world with the latest tech was! The stand certainly achieved its goals; ensuring Facebook were not only the “belle of the ball”, but their data security content was presented to a relaxed, yet engaged audience.

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