Presented with the task of incentivising and motivating over 150 automotive dealers to achieve and exceed their substantial targets, we knew we needed something special. Our answer was an engaging incentive programme, ending in an exhilarating trip, which offered much more than a simple holiday experience.

We proposed the winning destination of Rio de Janeiro, a spectacular city famous for its carnival culture and world-class beaches.

To ensure maximum buy-in, we needed a simple and effective way for participants to track progress against target. We created a unique online portal where participants could monitor their progress against their peers, using an easy-to-understand points system that maximised the sense of competition. We also reduced any possibility of demotivation by keeping the majority of the league table a secret.

The incentive programme was branded ‘Road to Rio’, in an automotive nod to the journey participants would need to make in order to qualify for one of 40 places on this once-in-a-lifetime trip.

After designing a vibrant and eye-catching event brand, we started our communication campaign. First we introduced the points system and online portal, which was supported by monthly communications with all delegates reminding them of the upcoming trip and the progress they needed to make.

The five-day trip saw guests reside in luxury 5-star accommodation on the stunning Copacabana Beach and enjoy a dream itinerary which included everything from bike rides, volleyball tournaments and Brazilian fine dining; to cable car rides at Sugar Loaf Mountain, a tropical island adventure and a thrilling Jeep safari.

At the end of this yearlong incentive programme, which saw a huge uplift in sales and 40 top dealers smashing their targets, we delivered an incredible reward fit for a king.
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