Facebook Middle East & Africa Developer Roadshow

Facebook asked Clive to assist in their goal of increasing the platform’s usage, along with Messenger and Open Source, amongst top developers in the Middle east and Africa. Here’s how we got involved with the journey to Developer Road

Facebook Africa Roadshow Events

For this undertaking, we were tasked with a pretty large venue search across 5 cities: Johannesburg, Nairobi, Lagos, Cairo & Dubai. Each city would play host to 100 tech engineers and developers for the one day event, so the venue had to be suitable for the brand and audience. The space also needed to accommodate a main conference room and three breakout areas for roughly thirty people in a classroom format. This meant that the team had to go on several site visits to these far-flung destinations – with a turnaround time of four weeks from brief to the first event, the clock was ticking…

After much exploration, the team sourced some top-notch venues that perfectly complimented the objectives and necessary format. Next up was kitting the spaces out. This presented more of a challenge in Nigeria and Kenya than the other cities as they were less equipped for the events industry than their neighbours. This meant that we had to think outside the box when it came to the materials and equipment.

And think outside the box we did! Utilising pop up “cardboard boxed branding” that we shipped out along with the team, the creative design incorporated two large plasma screens. We then took care of the branded backdrop, signage and badges, ensuring they all perfectly complimented the setting. The set up gave the events a fresh and sustainable feel, staying on-brand with Facebook’s current styling.

With the setting taken care of, we had to ensure our techy audience were appropriately nourished. What better way to feed the grab-food-on-the-go crowd than with a hearty standing buffet lunch? After arrival refreshments and plenty of coffee to keep them going, they gorged to their heart’s content before settling down for the second half of the day. The production was sourced locally through our preferred supplier contacts, ensuring a well-run operation we could trust not to let us down. 

The end result was a simple but very effective event given the short turnaround and range of destinations. The objectives were met and there was even a special guest appearance by Mark Zuckerberg in Lagos who gave it the official stamp of approval.
Facebook Nairobi Conference
Facebook Dubai Conference

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