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18th May 2020

Colouring with Clive: Part 2

It’s time to tune out from your surroundings and unleash those creative juices once again… All in the name of our favourite brand value, Serious Fun!

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22nd April 2020

Colouring with Clive: Part 1

Bored? Stressed? About to throttle those nearest and dearest to you? Fear not, Clive has a dose of relaxing creativity to soothe your woes…

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11th March 2020

Engaging Remote Audiences Through Technology

In the ever-increasing world of digital nomads, reduced carbon footprints… and global health outbreaks, finding engaging remote solutions that deliver impactful results is essential to the future of live events.

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5th March 2020

Wellbeing & Events: An Action Plan

Whether you’re organising or attending; events are stressful. With little room for error or delays, there’s judgement if things go wrong on both sides of the fence. We want that to change.

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15th January 2020

Best Intermediary Agency (More Than 40 Employees) – M&IT Awards Finalists 2020

Barely two weeks into 2020 and we received news that Clive has been nominated as a finalist at the upcoming M&IT Awards. It’s going to be a good year.

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19th September 2019

Inspiration Station Vol. 19: Wellness Edition

Greendesking, Cannabliss, Light therapy & Under-desk Hammocks. This month, the Inspiration Station has gone all zen in the name of Event Wellbeing Week.

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2nd September 2019

Reflecting on Pride, Diversity & Introducing Inclusiveness

While Pride month, diversity and all things LGBTQ+ are subjects very close to our hearts here at Clive, there appears to be an increasing concern surrounding the concept of “rainbow washing”; where businesses may be jumping on the bandwagon without making any meaningful change or practicing inclusiveness. Could this lead to the cheapening of a company’s image and more worryingly, Pride itself?

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31st July 2019

Shortlisted: Global Agency of the Year

We’re delighted to announce that Clive have been shortlisted for not one, but TWO upcoming prestigious industry awards (woohoo!). We’re up for Agency Of The Year (UK) as well as Consumer & Media Event of the Year, at this year’s C&IT Awards, and we couldn’t be more excited.

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23rd July 2019

Clive wins “Best Event Management Company”

Clive won big at the 2019 Event Industry Awards, taking home the most prestigious award of the night for “Best Event Management Company”.

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26th June 2019

Inspiration Station Vol. 18

Play with perspectives. Delve into the missing universe. Perhaps you want to escape the rat race and live out your dreams as a puppet? Well, whatever your preference, we’ve got something that’s sure to float your boat. We’ve even got “virtual touch” technology. No really. Prepare to have your minds blown!

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18th March 2019

Inspiration Station Vol. 17

3D printed vegan meat, Kubrickian treasures, Electric Life & our all time favourite Pantone Colour of the Year. Join us this month as we marvel at the most creative expressions of human nature.

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7th March 2019

Part 1: Employee Engagement: A New Form of Workplace Happiness

A lot of claims are made around the power of employee happiness, particularly its ability to improve business and profits. However now employee engagement is being brought into focus as a more effective route to the same ends. But how do you cultivate this highly sought-after workplace passion?

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5th March 2019

Part 2: How to Increase Employee Engagement & Throw the Perfect Summer Party for your Brand

Here’s how to cultivate employee engagement and throw an unforgettable summer party that brings your brand to life – from the Clive and experts.

25th February 2019

Gavin Downes joins Clive’s Dublin team as Head of Strategy

We’re delighted to announce the latest addition to our senior leadership team; experiential marketing expert Gavin Downes in the role of Head of Strategy.

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18th January 2019

Inspiration Station
Vol. 16

Progressive prosthetics, fractal worlds, chimney top venues & a Selfiebot. The Inspiration Station is back in town for 2019 and ready to fill your imagination full of wonder!

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14th December 2018

Creating Engaging Kick-Off Events & Sales Conferences

Inspire & Motivate Your Team for the Year Ahead: Whether it’s the start of a new calendar year or the beginning of your business’s new financial year; all-company conferences and sales team kick-off events are vital internal communications tools to help ensure your year gets off to the best possible start.

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14th December 2018

Inspiration Station
Vol. 15

Body-morphing fashion, immersive oil slicks, Ziggy Stardust & an emotional robot that won’t stop staring at you. The Inspiration Station is back, and more inspiring than ever before!

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18th July 2018

Celebrating Pride & Diversity in the Workplace

In the latest of our Culture Series, with Pride month making more noise than ever this year, Clive takes a look at the importance of celebrating diversity in the workplace…

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15th June 2018

Clive’s Big Exhibition Survey

In an age of data overload, GDPR spam flooding inboxes and shrinking mailing lists, face-to-face marketing has never been more important for brands that want to achieve stand out.

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19th January 2018

Celebrating Women in Business

In the first of our Culture Series, and with International Women’s Day just around the corner – here at Clive we’ve been reflecting on the recent prevalence in acknowledging and celebrating women in business.

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9th January 2018

Clive joins FIRST

Two dynamic event agencies join forces to enhance capabilities, drive scale and expand talent to deliver continued value for their clients.

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21st November 2017

Creative Team Interview

We asked the team what unique Clive insights they thought their clients would most like to hear about. The most common response was “a look into our special recipe for creativity”… So, this month we’re delving into the minds of the artistic geniuses and technical wizards that make up our creative team to find out what makes them tick. We discuss project journeys, inspirations and advice. Enjoy!

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12th October 2017

Inspiration Station
Vol. 14

Floating hot tubs, axe-wielding colleagues, AI creative directors & a real life “Willy Wonka” Elevator. No you’re not dreaming… it’s the Inspiration Station of course.

Clive Agency Ireland new Dublin Office Clive
2nd August 2017

Clive Goes Live in Dublin

Good news Clive fans! We’ve opened a brand spanking new office in Dublin for our new Irish operation. Three full time jobs have immediately been created, with additional roles planned for later this year. Exciting times!

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29th July 2017

Death by PowerPoint

There are around 500 million PowerPoint users in the world and a projected 30 million presentations are going on right now – most of them: unbearable.

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29th July 2017

Better Get Yourself Connected

It’s time to get to grips with the trends, forecasts and predictions that have been flooding in from all corners of the creative world. Grab a cuppa and sit back as we explore the Connected World…

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28th July 2017

Food for Thought

All too often, the pressure of catering for large numbers within a tight timescale leads to lacklustre, unhealthy and unattractive menu options. With economic confidence returning, mediocrity is no longer an option when it comes to food at events.

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27th July 2017

Experiential Vs. Exposure: Effective Brand Marketing with Live Events

In this digital age, where virtual communications reign, it’s increasingly common to feel oddly disconnected.

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25th July 2017

Events with Identity: Building Engagement with Event Brands

We don’t want to get into quoting Shakespeare here, but the guy raised a fairly important point. Would a rose smell as sweet if it were called another name?

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25th May 2017

Inspiration Station
Vol. 13

Underground hangers, giant robots, facial projection mapping… Once the stuff of Sci-fi, now a new era in live events.

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30th May 2016

Powering up PR Campaigns: Bringing Brand Stories to Life with Events

PR events provide a great way to powerfully communicate a brand’s personality, creating a multisensory experience that immerses attendees and their networks in exciting, engaging and meaningful brand centric activity.

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26th April 2016

To Fly or To Buy? Incentivising Your Partners or Workforce

When it comes to attracting and retaining the best talent in the business, motivation is the name of the game. A successful workforce must be motivated towards common business goals and targets, but what’s the best way to incentivise your team and hold onto them, whilst rewarding them for their results?

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26th April 2016

The Pursuit of Happiness:
Happy Companies are Successful Companies

If you’re going to ask for people’s precious time to listen to what you have to say, you had better work hard to make sure you offer something stimulating, engaging and a break from the norm.