6 Ways To Create Impact & Get The Most From Your Digital Experience

With everyone suddenly a digital “specialist”, how do you cut through the noise to deliver a memorable digital experience which actually maximises impact? Our panel of Brand Marketing and Creative Strategy experts share their six key principles.

Clive & FIRST presented a webcast (Breaking Through: Get the Most from Your Digital Event) where Jennifer Kauf, SVP, Creative Strategy & Brand Marketing, and Adam Suellentrop, VP, Creative Strategy, shared their insights on human behaviour, digital consumption and creating content that connects and delivers results.

Jitter Garcia, Director, Event Marketing at Univision Communications Inc. also joined the conversation to look at Univision’s recent successful implementations.

Below are our six key takeaways:

1. Tell A Story

If you don’t feel it, you won’t remember it. Our approach is to build an event narrative that focuses on the entire event canvas for a complete journey.

2. Double Down On Content

Strong content is your most powerful tool in a digital world. Your message is the foundation and it all starts with being clear on that message. From there, it’s how you visualise and engage the senses.

3. Break Through The Screen

Beat screen fatigue, drive casual collisions, and create a sense of community by encouraging physical movement, providing team building and social activities, surprise and delight home drops, and leveraging shared F&B opportunities.

4. Value Production

67% of livestream viewers say quality is the most important factor. It’s not the time to back down from an elevated idea. Make it uniquely yours in order to stand out.

5. Celebrate Your Speakers

Speakers are your biggest asset and carry more responsibility than ever. Take care of your speakers and make it as easy as possible for them through preparation, rehearsal, and coaching.

6. Give Attendees Purpose

In order to engage with attendees, you need them to feel like they have skin in the game. 70% of a person’s learning is experience-based, so you need engaging touchpoints throughout the digital event.

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