Colouring with Clive: Part 2

It’s time to tune out from your surroundings and unleash those creative juices once again… All in the name of Serious Fun!

Next up in our Colouring with Clive series is our favourite brand value, “Serious Fun”. We enjoy what we do and so we strive to make all parts of the brand experience journey enjoyable for our clients and their audience too. Hopefully you can see that by injecting a bit of fun into communication, it makes it more memorable and engaging. We’ve been known to let our hair down occasionally too(!) and we pride ourselves on our playful culture.

So in the spirit of Serious Fun, download or print off the below and get colouring! It’ll even have the added benefit of clearing your mind and you’ll feel more relaxed afterwards. Especially if you have any children that can take part. A quiet child also makes for a quiet mind!

iPads, crayons, paint – whichever your preferred medium, we want to see your psychedelic shadings; so share your efforts with us on Instagram and we’ll feature the best bots on our story!

Stay tuned for our “Great at Relationships” robot coming soon…

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