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We asked the team what unique Clive insights they thought their clients would most like to hear about. The most common response was “a look into our special recipe for creativity”… So, this month we’re delving into the minds of the artistic geniuses and technical wizards that make up our creative team to find out what makes them tick. We discuss project journeys, inspirations and advice. Enjoy!

What inspires you and your work?

Dave – 3D Visualiser: I take inspiration from various aspects of the digital world. 3D environment design is my speciality, so the worlds created in games, films and animations particularly fascinate me. I’m also a huge fan of synthwave and the artwork that comes with it – this style of music inspires me to create highly impactful artwork.

Sergio – Digital/Web: It’s tricky to define a unique source of inspiration, as each brief will spark different ideas and styles. There is also an overload of visual stimulation that comes with being constantly connected online and sometimes it can be easier to strip back and refer to the brief. This being said; the web is a great source of inspiration as it provides an endless amount of reference.

Kate – Brand Creative: People. Ultimately their interaction makes a creative experience a success. What do they think, feel, see, hear, touch and do? Beyond the sensory, an experience should be fun or thought-provoking (depending on the business objective) – either way it must make an impact. I guess my biggest inspirations come to me when I put all of my screens down and take in the world around me.

Tommy G – Design: I take inspiration from what’s around me; architecture, materials, even quirky pin badges. I also browse design inspiration sites like Behance and Dribbble, as I enjoy staying up to date with the latest styles and techniques.

Tell us a bit about the journey from brief to implementation:

Dave – 3D Visualiser: First, Kate and myself sit down to discuss the event set up. Once we have a plan, Kate sketches out the main layout and I then create a 3D model of the space which allows us to better understand the real-world implications. We then collaborate with the wider creative team to build a library of textures, materials and graphics which I apply to the model. The final steps are then the most technical: I begin to create lighting and shadows using 3D software to bring the concept to life. Once that’s done, I fine-tune the colours in post-production and then, Voila! You have a realistic event space visualisation ready for the client.

Sergio – Digital/Web: After extracting the key information from the brief, I take a few ideas forward with the audience in mind and explore different visual elements, all the while keeping a solid information hierarchy. Iteration is a key element, as the desired outcome won’t just materialise – it’s more of a fine-tuning process based on constant communication with the client to ensure that perfect balance between style and effectiveness.

Kate – Brand Creative: Sites like Pinterest are a great place to start nailing the finer details of a brief and start figuring out the design aesthetics. However, true innovation must come from a combination of things: you must learn how to combine and collate different ideas and inspirations into your own creative style. There is a lot of imitation in design, but you must try and bring your own style to the table.

Tommy G – Design: Clive’s project journey is a little different, and certainly a lot more fast-paced, than what I’ve previously been used to due to the fast moving nature of our clients businesses. This means you have to think on your feet with the design process and be constantly fluid with your creativity. I personally always start with pen to paper and clear my mind.

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Can you provide a bit of background into your skills?

Dave – 3D Visualiser: I always longed to create the fantasy realms of games and films from my childhood. I first got to grips with a computer at age 6 and my passion for technology only grew from there. Whilst studying ‘Animation and VFX’ at university, I took on a technical role for stage design and lighting, which greatly helps in my role here at Clive. I even did my dissertation on ‘Creating 3D environments for films & games using game engine technology’. Since graduating I’ve worked on a variety of projects from medical animations, to games and film design, and even virtual reality using the Oculus Rift.

Sergio – Digital/Web: I am a digital designer, so I have spent the last few years designing and building websites, brands, and event collateral such as signage and printed materials. I actually started my career as a magazine designer, but gradually moved to digital projects and picked up an interest in web development.

Kate – Brand Creative: My background varies from fine to theoretical art, which didn’t suit me very well (the “rebel” in me wanted to break away from a flat surface and being ‘told’ what was right and wrong!). So, I started making things like clothing, handbags, puppets of political figures – I even enjoyed making white card models of stage sets and architectural spaces. I used to take a script and imagine what a character could look like, sound like and what environment they would be in. This theatrical experience also got me into puppeteering! All of these skills led me into the world of experiential events.

I have previously worked in numerous locations around the world on large-scale projects, from super-brands to governments and royalty. I have met some very talented people along the way.

Tommy G – Design: I studied graphic communications at university which I really enjoyed, but it was quite broad. As a result, I didn’t really know what my strengths and passions truly were until I started interning at different design studios across Bristol and London. From real world experience, I found that favourite areas were print, icon design & branding and have been developing my skillset ever since.

Favourite projects or aspects of the job:

Dave – 3D Visualiser: One of my favourite parts of the job is the variety of projects and resulting lessons. One day I will be creating visuals for an exhibition stand for Facebook and the next I am creating a full-scale animation for a virtual reality gallery. This keeps the role interesting and helps to keeps my skillset sharp.

Sergio – Digital/Web: I’d say my favourite aspect of the job is the variety it provides: both in terms of a creative outlet and as visual direction, depending on the project. There is so much information to consume in order to keep up to date with design trends and the technical aspects of the role. Not to mention a never-ending supply of layouts, typefaces and colours… This constantly challenges me and keeps me on my toes.

Kate – Brand Creative: One of my favourite aspects of the job is seeing how people respond to the space. I also get a sense of pride knowing that all those tough days where I was told that a project wasn’t viable and I pushed to make it happen, were worth it! I love the intensity and instantaneous effect of experiential and events.

Tommy G – Design: I find seeing an idea become reality incredibly gratifying. Watching people interact with something you’ve created out of nothing is pretty cool.

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