Engaging Remote Audiences Through Technology

Whether you want to reduce your carbon footprint, avoid travel costs or unite different regions in a hurry, here are five alternative solutions to face to face events.

In the ever-increasing world of digital nomads, reduced carbon footprints… and global health outbreaks, finding engaging remote solutions that deliver impactful results is essential to the future of live events.

While nothing can compare to the engagement factor of face to face interactions, you can certainly achieve your business objectives through alternative means. Often saving on costs, people’s time and natural resources. Sounds appealing doesn’t it. All you need is a human centric approach and some clever technology. You can then harness the crucial elements of the physical experience and bring them to the digital arena.

So here are the five best ways we’ve delivered content to a global audience, while saving on the emissions.

1. High-end Video Production

By pre-recording your video, it not only removes the potential risks of a live presentation, but it can actually enable you to supercharge your presentation. Animations. Visual effects. You can even go fully 3D with the right capabilities. Ultimately, editing it will make it shorter, more to the point and therefore more powerful. At Clive, we’ve blended this approach with punctuated statements, AV effects, visual references and even augmented reality to bring the digital to life in front of our remote audiences.

2. Live Broadcast

By live streaming to your audience, you can combine panel sessions, presentations, and fireside chats, with the additional benefit of live audience participation. There are many suppliers who can enhance the interactivity using special tools available to them, depending on the objective and budget. You can even enable real-time networking, voting and Q&A. Check out how we helped Facebook amplify their sustainability messaging to a wider remote audience here.

3. Video Conference

Video conferences offer even more interactive elements than live broadcasts, and usually involve multiple locations all communicating at once. With everyone’s video feed visible, it produces more of a group dialogue than a once way broadcast. Of course, with this method you need to ensure everyone has the right equipment and a solid connection. The more variables involved, the more precautions must be taken. Fortunately for us, we have some of the best in-house production and AV specialists in the industry…

4. Virtual Reality

Virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR) can be used to immerse audiences in content, providing an engaging experience like no other. VR can bring the 360 experience of a location to attendees in remote locations or livestreams can be overlaid with AR to showcase content in dynamic ways that the real world cannot. The most efficient way to do this is to set up VR or AR experience stations/activations in strategic locations, making everything easier and removing the need to travel overseas.

5. Holoportation

Yep, holograms. That’s right. if you want to get real 2020 on that remote experience, this is the way to go. Producing some pretty jaw dropping results, Holoportation allows high quality 3D representations of people to be compressed, transmitted and reconstructed to anywhere in the world… in real time! All you need is a mixed reality display such as a HoloLens, which allows you to see, hear, and interact with your 3D counterpart, as if they’re in the room with you. This is as close as you get to physical face-to-face communication and produces similar levels of engagement. Of course it isn’t cheap!

Get in touch below to find out about how we can help provide remote access to your live event and hear more about some of the creative solutions we’ve provided. Including:

– With 2 days before an event was supposed to go live, our team of content producers, script writers, graphics specialists, video editors, and video production crews were swiftly arranged to set-up studios in the client’s New York and London offices to record all content and stream to the now remote audience, due to last minute travel restrictions.

– A presentation streamed live on Twitter reaching 135K views and directly to the client’s offices around the country. A live AR segment gave a peek into the power of new 5G technology using an animated AR character, interacting directly with the audience.

– Five live-stream sessions on Facebook and three on Twitter to extend an experience to live viewers. The summit was the client’s most streamed event, ever, reaching 93K views.

– To maximize audience reach, another event was live-streamed around the world, and to a viewing area in Times Square NYC. Ultimately the livestream feed reached over 1 million viewers, and an additional 2,000+ spectators in Times Square. We had over 500,000 simultaneous viewers, with an additional livestream in China, adding 100,000-200,000 views.

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